Our Services

High Impact 246 Signature Training

  • Specially design training programme that uses latest techniques of NeuroSemantic Neuro Linguistic Programming (NS-NLP) and Accelerated Learning (AL)
  • Ensure participants understand the Fundamentals Concepts
  • Ensure the Human Resources in return, Add Value to the organization

Management System Training

(ISO 9001 , ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001/MS 1722)

  • Special design training that use Accelerated Learning (AL) and Back To Basic + Continual Improvement concept
  • Participants understand the Fundamental concept of the Management System
  • Participants will be able to contribute Proactively and Positively to the organization
  • The courses conducted in will be 60% practical and 40% slide presentation

Management System Consulting

(ISO 9001 , ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 / MS 1722) 

  • Specially design consultation package
  • Assist organization on development and maintenance + re-engineering of the organization management system
  • Simple but cost effective way on managing organization
  • 5M – Manpower, Method, Material, Machine & Money


Vendor/ Sub- Contractor/ Supplier/ Contractor

(Mentoring, Coaching & Development)

  • Assist your organization to mentor, coach and develop your supplier
  • Ensuring that they are at the top performance on supporting your organization
  • Position your organization as responsible organization to educate and groom your supply chain in becoming world class organization
  • Coordinate OSH-E-Q seminar & training for your contractor/ supplier


Safety & Health, Quality & Environment Motivation Program 

  • Specially design training & development program to assist organization uplift and enhance the most critical
  • Resources of the organization (Human Resources)
  • Tailored made program with specific focus on rejuvenating & empowering organization management system
  • Unleash the personal performance in order to contribute towards organization excellence


HABIT-2-AL Safety

  • Special program to assist your organization turning around your employee or contractors mind and commitment to follow organization safety & health procedures and policy
  • Reinforce personal believes on the importance and value of safety & health at their workplace
  • Prevention of incident and fatality at the workplace by focusing on employee habit on safety.